Afri Naptural 3X Boho Goddess Locs 20" -wigs

Afri Naptural 3X Boho Goddess Locs 20"

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Product Description

Locs of Perfection! Satisfy your craving for bohemian chic with the Afri-Naptrual. This look give you perfect Boho Goddess Locs and curls all in one crochet style. This laid back aesthetic provides the perfect texture for your next look. Get lost in these twists until you find yourself in style.

  • Synthetic Fibers 
  • Pre-Stretched 
  • Pre-Looped For Crochet
  • Protective Style 
  • 30 Strands
  • 10 Top, 10 Middle, 10 Nape Strands 
  • Finish Length 20"

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